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About ProCareerGuide

The company headed by Rupali focuses to aid individuals to explore themselves, accept what they are and aim higher in their lives to reach their optimum. It helps clear the presumptions of individuals regarding career choices and college hunting through self analysis, setting clear and achievable goals, provide necessary information for the available resources and their utilization and provide future planning to implement all the learning learnt through their sessions.They provide support counselling services for several clients at the initial stage of the sessions.

The company website Procareerguide.com focuses on providing integrated counselling to shape up career in synchronization with personality thereby contributing to make this world a better place. It believes in catering to the needs and requirements of the student with the help of above stated experience. It is a platform where individuals can explore the myriad possibilities for college admissions, overseas college admissions and visa consultancy. The website provides ample options for 10+2 career choices with the help of Univariety. The company is also equipped to administer various personality tests and Career Guidance Tests to their clients.